About William Wallis

My name is William Wallis and I want to do my part to save this great country we all live in and share the dream we know as America.  I am a cross section of the American people, and I believe that my experiences in life will help me create a connection with people and deliver a powerful message of leadership and problem solving to get elected officials back to representing the people, with the Constitution, less government and more freedoms and liberties for everyone, while achieving more fiscal responsibility from DC.  I have shared the same adversities and accomplishments as most Americans in both my personal and business life. I have endured financially difficult times and enjoyed many successes, found the right solutions and the right people to consult with, all while running my own business and raising three children by himself as a single parent before, through, and after Katrina in Louisiana.  I have been self employed for 36 years(27 in the same industry), public speaker, parent, radio show host, and active in the community and politics most of my life.  I believe my life stories of struggles and survival are important to show people we do not need to rely on Government to survive. My examples of adversities and accomplishments have helped me to understand other Americans so I can share what I think we can do to get back on a road to recovery, how we can be successful as individuals and a country without a bigger government, and show it we don’t need it to thrive.  I believe we can be a positive force in causing Washington to spend and borrow less, while emphasizing strong leadership, not the same old political rhetoric and empty promises by politicians followed by inaction and about faces.  I am active in promoting ideas and strategic planning with everyone, while bringing together experts in the areas we need to work on.  We need to unify the divided “left” and “right” back into one America, while not giving up our personal beliefs.

America is still the greatest nation in history, but our government is disorganized at best.  Our elected officials aren’t governing by the will of the people.  They are being led by whoever shouts the loudest, spends the most money, and groups with ulterior motives that are not concerned for the common good.  I believe we need a leader of the people, by the people, and from the people to empower, inspire, and guide us – not a bigger government.  Someone strong enough to usher in new ways of doing business in DC that puts America first.  I am promoting leadership and ideas that will…

  • motivate people to start looking for true leadership not just a good speaker
  • promote different ways to downsize government and make it more efficient
  • share unique ideas on immigration reform-not automatic citizenship
  • create jobs by supporting American businesses, less regulations and less taxes
  • create more jobs by bringing companies back to America through innovation
  • reduce the need for foreign oil, provide our own, while researching new energy ideas
  • outline NEW ideas that will reduce the governments need for our money
  • strengthen our military, support our troops, boost morale, secure our future
  • offer creative ideas that will strengthen, unify Americans, and bring prosperity back to the American people by uniting us under one flag.

Please join me in an effort to repair the parts of America that have been broken by politicians, promote people that are concerned for our children’s future, promote our Constitution, and motivate people to call on Government to work for us and not make us dependent on it for a meager survival.  America has been a beacon of hope and encouragement for many, a sign of strength and prosperity for many more, and the home of Liberty and Freedom.  Together we can put America back into the hands of those that believe in her, the Constitution, and an eternal sunrise that is America.

Anyone can help and be a part by going to my gofund me site and picking the level you would like to be a part of in saving our country with me for our chlidren because today…. we are the founding fathers of their future.


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